Import Duty - I have refused my delivery.

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I've decided I'm just going to swallow the charge - applied by Customs to the value of the kit as declared on the waybill. It's not right for me to give you extra stress at this time, nor do I want extra stress arguing about it with everyone. Sorry for the blip!
My shipment is to be redelivered Tuesday 07AUG.


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> the US all the time, I do know what to expect when I import.
> Importation of computer devices and peripherals to the EU is indeed
> both VAT and import duty exempt - it appears that the description of
> the goods, compounded with the value statement, has led to this
> issue. It is indeed OpenMoko's error in not understanding the rules
> and I hold them responsible for not disclosing that fact.


I'm sorry for your troubles. We are doing our best to get these devices
to everyone as fast and (under the current circumstances) as cheap as we
can. I can assure you that the harmonized code is correct on the
invoice. Also, these are standard UPS Worldship invoices, so I'm really
at a loss as to what we did wrong.

Please let me know what exactly what our mistake was and I will
personally make sure this is fixed.

We're committed to getting these kind of issues resolved so phase 2 can
be a really smooth experience for everyone. So I really need your help


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