Instant Messaging + Address Book: presence field?

Brad Pitcher bradpitcher at
Sat Aug 4 19:35:08 CEST 2007

Absolutely.  It is a must for IM to be integrated into the address book, 
it just makes sense to put the two together.  And if the lead developers 
don't want to do it, we can fork it. :)

Adam Nemeth wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was thinking if presence (online, offline, away, etc) could be into
> the address book - as a part of libmokopim. I'd think of Jabber
> (and/or SIP probably), since they're multi-resource. What would this
> mean?
> I need an information quickly from my workmates:
> - Open the AddressBook
> - Navigate to "Workmates" group
> - See that John is online (with status: at work), while Jack is busy
> - Normally I'd call Jack, but it seems that John is near computer, so
> he could answer my question, I call him
> I'm bored, want to get somewhere
> - Open the addressbook, navigate to "Friends"
> - See that Juli is "Free to chat" (with status: bored)
> - I ask her (through IM or by call) if she wants to go out somewhere with me
> - She agrees
> - Marry 2 years after ;-)
> I'm at a party which tends to be good
> - Open addressbook, navigate to "Friends"
> - Broadcast a message to everyone who's online "Get here fast!"
> - The party will be even better in half an hour with them :)
> For platform independency, sparing money:
> - I'm on WiFi, and I have to call Jack
> - He's online @ google talk
> - I call him through Jingle (Jabber-VoIP) instead of GSM- FREE!
> (Same goes to SMS)
> For application developers - in case it would be XMPP (so: extensible:)
> - I'm bored
> - Let's play a game
> - Not alone :/
> - Let's see who's online!
> - Juli is online
> - Ask her if we could play chess / civilization / anything (jabber
> fits better for turn based games, but it could be used for realtime
> too)
> - Play through XMPP: She's on the desktop, I'm on my phone
> How to use multi-resource feature:
> - I'm at home, I'm online @ google talk both with my Neo and my
> desktop computer simultaneously
> - With privacy lists feature ("semi-invisibility"), Juli could see if
> I'm online @ the phone (remember she became my gf at point 2?:), but
> John only sees when I'm online @ the desktop (I don't like to work all
> the time)
> - I get my messages to my computer (easier to type)
> - They see each other through bluetooth
> - I have to run, just get up my Neo, and hurry out to the street
> - Computer senses that Neo is out of bt range-> resource priority goes
> down, computer goes away
> - I still get my messages for the Neo (only from Juli of course)
> Send-a-picture:
> - I'm at somewhere, which is nice
> - Take a photo
> - Set it as my avatar with one click
> - or Send to somebody through IM
> - Endless possiblities with WiFi (faster than Bluetooth!)
> I'm not a Moko expert (although I hope I could get my hands on one
> soon - a research center asked for one), but I know XMPP well (SIP...
> not as well :/ ), and there are plenty of libraries out of there for
> such, even for embedded devices. I think that integrated presence
> would be a killer feature for Neo / OpenMoko.
> What do you think?

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