Instant Messaging + Address Book: presence field?

Jae Stutzman jaebird at
Sat Aug 4 21:34:29 CEST 2007

Exactly what i've been thinking about too. Even SMS could go through XMPP
(as a configurable settings)

Anyways, i've registered a few domains thinking about this in the future.
Not cybersquatting but just keeping our community ahead of the curve!

The first was... the idea here was that people could register their phone numbers
on this site and using gprs or wifi, when users send a text message it would
check to see if the number is listed, if so use some kind of xmpp to send
the sms to the users phone. Similar to the ENUM lookups for voip, but using

Then came... this expanded on the first and allowed multiple communication
ideas similar to the first post in this thread. (ideas: sending vcards,
voicemail directly to phone)

The possibilities get pretty endless when you can control your own destiny!
The thing that will make this stuff successful is interop with current
desktop communication standards like xmpp and sip. This way people without
openmoko can still be a part of the communication network. Obviously moko to
moko is the best!
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