Neo 1973 is sold out...

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Mon Aug 6 13:16:51 CEST 2007

Alan McSwain wrote:
> "Neo 1973 is sold out
> By Jouston Huang
> Neo1973 - OpenMoko After weeks hard work and a lot of complains from my wife. We sold out our Neo 1973 now. In fact, if you place order now. The ETA will be almost October 2007.... "
> AND...
> "Sold out!
> Please note that due to unexpected high demand, even at this early development stage, our quantities up to and including August 2007 are already oversold. This means that any orders placed now will not be shipping before September 10, 2007. We ask for your understanding. Your credit card will only be charged immediately before delivery."
> This is --simply unacceptable-- and not enough information for people who have recently ordered. 
> FIC --MUST-- do a better job of communicating with thier developers/customers.  Those folks who have placed orders that will not be getting a device until October --MUST-- be contacted immediately via email and given the option to cancel their orders. 

And people who are considering developing hardware or commercial 
software for it.

We need to know:
As soon as it's reasonably certain that each date that's posted is known 
to be likely to slip.
Important dates in the future.

It is _NOT_ adequate -bordering on **********- to say at the end of a 
three week long posting process that you're sold out.

Especially when you've taken orders with the knowledge that you are, but 
no indication that it will not ship soon on the store site.

I can understand perhaps not giving all details, or getting some details 
wrong due to factors outside your control.

Giving no information at all, when any reasonable person would assume 
you have this information seems capricious at best.

Even 'we can't talk about this yet, sorry' would reduce many peoples 
sense of not being communicated to.

We need to know, in decreasing order:
Is the GTA02 hardware likely to be able to SHIP to developers in October?

Have any changes been made to the published GTA02 specifications other 
than the new LEDs?

How many outstanding orders are there for the GTA01?

What is the current GTA01 production volume?

Do you not really want to sell the GTA01 at all?

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