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Sander van Grieken sander at 3v8.net
Mon Aug 6 13:18:06 CEST 2007

> On 5 Aug 2007, at 16:11, Nkoli wrote:
>> I think your implementation is great; it's logical and clean. The
>> only thing I would change is the first boot part. Most phones, if
>> not all, allow security conscious users to set some kind of
>> password/pin to lock their phones. It should also be an option on
>> the Neo, not a requirement.
>> Example, at first boot, user is asked whether they wish to set a
>> password, Yes or No. If yes, password is set per your
>> implementation and becomes a requirement each boot. If no, remind
>> the user they can still set a password from <fill in the blank> and
>> leave it at that.
> Passwords and pins are pretty fiddly, even tedious to enter.
> There was some research into using pictures of faces which you click
> a few of to log in. Now it would be hard to get such images of faces
> for our use, but I'm sure symbols or colours would do?

This would be pretty cool! A hash of the symbol sequence could also be used as an
encryption key, to store personal information but also the SIM's PIN, so authentication
using pictures/symbols will transparently authenticate to the SIM.

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