Neo 1973 is sold out...

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Mon Aug 6 13:41:03 CEST 2007

I'll understand whatever delays or problems OpenMoko throws at me, or rather
us. As far as I'm concerned we're all in it together, and I understand that
we're all learning as we go along.

But the continual lack of clear communication from the top is so
demoralizing. If we are all in this together, then why are we being treated
like this?

I'm disappointed that Sean (or someone else) has not been giving us frequent
updates to keep us informed. Just three paragraphs every few days would be
enough for me to feel in the loop. Instead I'm left confused. Will those of
us who haven't been charged yet get a GTA01 soon or will we be waiting until
September? Or October?

What is actually going on?


On 06/08/07, Alan McSwain <alan at> wrote:
> "Neo 1973 is sold out
> By Jouston Huang
> Neo1973 - OpenMoko After weeks hard work and a lot of complains from my
> wife. We sold out our Neo 1973 now. In fact, if you place order now. The ETA
> will be almost October 2007.... "
> AND...
> "Sold out!
> Please note that due to unexpected high demand, even at this early
> development stage, our quantities up to and including August 2007 are
> already oversold. This means that any orders placed now will not be shipping
> before September 10, 2007. We ask for your understanding. Your credit card
> will only be charged immediately before delivery."
> This is --simply unacceptable-- and not enough information for people who
> have recently ordered.
> FIC --MUST-- do a better job of communicating with thier
> developers/customers.  Those folks who have placed orders that will not be
> getting a device until October --MUST-- be contacted immediately via email
> and given the option to cancel their orders.
> I ordered back on July 24th and have not received ANY follow-on status on
> my order, and I'm sure there are lots of other folks being equally ignored
> as well.  What are we supposed to think about this news???  Am "I" one of
> the "oversold"????
> We have all been exceedingly patient with this project and we deserve a
> reasonable level of communication about the status of our orders.
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