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I think we need to look at this project more along the line of 'Ask not what
your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country' JFK.
This project is kind of like an investment into the future of mobile
phones.  If you are here just so that you can findout more about the handset
that you would like to get then wait until october, and let FIC work things
out.  It seems to me that people are more interested in the hand set then
the openmoko project.  This is obviously a difficult change of direction for
FIC, well now openmoko, so give them some slack.  Be patient things will
come along.  You will be treated fairly.  It seems like when something
doesn't go 100% smooth that you get this type of post.  That seems down
right silly to me.  This is in development stages don't expect everything to
be in 100% working order, and that goes for communication in the mailing
lists as much as it goes for the development of the phone.

I think we all just need to relax and wait for an official announcement
before we go speading FUD about the project.  If we want to see openmoko
survive then we need to give them some room to breath.  For me it feels like
people are just smothering FIC.  If you get some new relivent information
like the information posted here then post it.  But for everyone else give
it some time for FIC to respond.  I think things are proceeding well.  When
we get some more information from FIC then we can start making judgements
and assetments, but until then settle down.

Just some of my thought after reading this post.


On 8/6/07, Yohann (yrc) Coppel <leppoc at> wrote:
> I don't want to say stupid things, but, AFAIK:
> The device is sold out since yesterday !!! And it was Sunday (maybe
> Monday in their timezone). Give them some time (I mean one day or two
> at least !!) Maybe they had a whole bunch of orders this weekend, and
> they had to change quickly the page while keeping processing the
> orders.
> This doesn't implies that they are planing to stay silent for the rest
> of the month, or that they are not going to contact anyone, or not
> accept any cancellations, or [write here any other criticism you have
> made].....
> (If I am totally wrong, I don't even want to know ok ? ;) )
> So take it easy ;)
> I want a GTA02 device too, and I hope they will be ready for the release !
> If they are sold out, it's a good sign isn't it ? means that a lot of
> people are interested ! and that we are all together going to make a
> good phone (and birds will be flying around, the sun shining, and
> everything :D ) !
> I have been around on the IRC channel for the last few days, and I
> found the community really friendly, especially with newbies, which is
> IMHO, one of the most important things. I feel comfortable to ask
> questions to get started to develop apps for openmoko, which is really
> nice.
> Yohann. (aka. leppoc on IRC).
> On 8/6/07, Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at> wrote:
> > Ian Stirling wrote:
> > > We need to know, in decreasing order:
> > > Is the GTA02 hardware likely to be able to SHIP to developers in
> October?
> > >
> > > Have any changes been made to the published GTA02 specifications other
> > > than the new LEDs?
> > >
> > > How many outstanding orders are there for the GTA01?
> > >
> > > What is the current GTA01 production volume?
> > >
> > > Do you not really want to sell the GTA01 at all?
> > I feel like I've been doing a lot of complaining on the list lately, but
> > I have to agree 110%.  Everyone is always saying things like "be
> > grateful for the information you've been given" and "this is more 'open'
> > communication than with other companies."  While those may be true, this
> > project is different.  Sean does communicate directly with the
> > community.  At one point we were somewhat kept in the loop, now we get
> > nothing  (ok, not nothing).
> >
> > I for one am glad that I did not purchase the GTA01.  The entire process
> > (at least from what I have read) has been at best a complete disaster,
> > and it still isn't over or even getting better.  FIC may not have ever
> > done B2C, but that still doesn't excuse them from doing *basic* customer
> > support and follow up. Sure, the demand may have been *MUCH* larger than
> > expected and that will inevitably cause delays.  However, a completely
> > brain dead simple way of handling that would be to (gasp) communicate
> > with the people who attempted to purchase the device.  You have
> > everyones contact it *really* that hard or take THAT
> > much time to keep people in the loop for something they have tried to
> > pay for?  The little things do make a difference, and in this case the
> > little things that weren't done really spoke badly as to how FIC will
> > take care of its customers, present and future.
> >
> > Enough complaining about B2C.  Now on to overall company direction.  I
> > really want this project to succeed and I want a GTA02 device.  But why
> > the lack of communication from people?  Honestly, I just don't
> > understand how keeping quiet can be considered a positive thing.  You
> > don't have to outline company roadmaps, give details of the hardware
> > revisions on a day-by-day basis.  All that is wanted is some sort of
> > basic communication about general progress, preferably once a week, but
> > even every other week would probably be well received as well.
> >
> > My only speculation is that when Sean was keeping us in the loop and
> > things slipped that there was some backlash possibly from inside FIC
> > that didn't like that the consumers having so much information about
> > company he is kept on a somewhat tighter leash and can't
> > really say as much.  Considering that is how *most* companies operate,
> > it isn't that far fetched...but then again that means FIC is just like
> > all of the other companies.  Except in this case they are pushing Open
> > Standards and Protocols.
> >
> > Sorry for the rant again but just thought it needed to be said.
> >
> >
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