Neo 1973 is sold out...

Ben Burdette bburdette at
Mon Aug 6 20:27:23 CEST 2007

Alan McSwain wrote:
> "Neo 1973 is sold out
> By Jouston Huang
> Neo1973 - OpenMoko After weeks hard work and a lot of complains from my wife. We sold out our Neo 1973 now. In fact, if you place order now. The ETA will be almost October 2007.... "
> AND...
> "Sold out!
> Please note that due to unexpected high demand, even at this early development stage, our quantities up to and including August 2007 are already oversold. This means that any orders placed now will not be shipping before September 10, 2007. We ask for your understanding. Your credit card will only be charged immediately before delivery."
Maybe I would feel differently if I was waiting for an order, but I 
think this is really good news!  My fear was that FIC would barely sell 
any GTA01 phones, and then FIC would put the project on the back 
burner.  It sounds like getting a GTA02 on 'schedule' may not happen, 
but maybe that means making calls from the GUI will work by the time I 
get one.  I'm very encouraged to see the amount of interest this first 
generation phone is receiving...

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