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Mon Aug 6 19:30:36 CEST 2007

One of the things that I have found unpleasant about the Internet is the
tendency for many people to think that every thought they have has value and
other people need to know about it. Forum, mail lists, whatever, people have
to throw it out there.  It has been this way since USENET days.  This list
is no different than the other lists I'm on.

Basically, here are the facts:

1) the people who have been leading OpenMoko don't have retail experience.
They have not run a site and distribution organization.  I have wished that
they had people on board to handle this, but it wasn't that way.  They are
hacker nerds.  Would any of you people complaining about this really want to
deal with charging credit cards and processing orders for 8 or more hours a
day, day after day?

I didn't think so.

2) They didn't anticipate the demand for phones.  I'm  willing to bet that
FIC was very skeptical about this and they had a hard time getting approval
for the production run that was actually made.  Hey, people want a
cellphone/media player experience that doesn't suck.  Who knew?

3) A word I learned when I was a soldier: kwitcherbitchin.


On 8/6/07, Jay Vaughan <jay at> wrote:
> On Aug 6, 2007, at 5:17 PM, Jonathon Suggs wrote:
> > I for one am glad that I did not purchase the GTA01.  The entire
> > process (at least from what I have read) has been at best a
> > complete disaster, and it still isn't over or even getting better.
> Now thats just going too far.  It is not a complete disaster, nor
> would I consider it a disaster at all: The whole order of initial
> developer-focused product has been *sold out*.  Do you have no idea
> what that means?
> Certainly, it is encouraging, and nowhere near disaster.  Lucky
> developers out there right now are getting their code on; just
> because you aren't (yet) able to do so for physical hardware just
> means the game is, quite seriously, on.
> > Sorry for the rant again but just thought it needed to be said.
> >
> Your rant is misplaced in my opinion.  GTA01's have been delivered to
> hundreds, if not thousands of geeks around the planet who eagerly
> awaited their arrival, and many (myself included) still do check the
> mailbox daily, in eager anticipation of getting on with some
> seriously fun hacking.  I predict a worthy app-sphere for the GTA02
> delivery, as a result, and certainly: the GTA02 horizon is where the
> focus should be, frankly, for all avid hackers and coders currently
> wetting at the jaw for something fun to carry their works around in ..
> I think you, personally, Jonathon Suggs, are just simply complaining
> too much, when there is in fact a grand deal of positive activity
> occurring on the entire Moko project, which stands to make rather
> nice headway in the opensource hardware realm; a realm which,
> frankly, has new rules worth applying enthusiastically.  OpenMoko is
> a -startup- for this activity; rapid growth pains most certainly can
> be disastrous, but in this case are worth bearing by all and sundry
> interested in the future of portable, pocketable, Linux-based
> communications devices.
> If the GTA01's are all sold out, more the merrier for the 02's, which
> are positively the developer-user step up they ought to be.  I hope
> for sure that while there are a few thousand 01 hackers around, the
> 02 crowd numbers in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands.
> So .. If you don't have your OpenMoko yet, well don't kid yourself.
> You probably came late to the party.  This is no reason to start
> pissing in the punch.
> j.
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> Jay Vaughan
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