Neo 1973 is sold out...

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Mon Aug 6 20:38:16 CEST 2007

Jay Vaughan wrote:
> Now thats just going too far.  It is not a complete disaster, nor 
> would I consider it a disaster at all: The whole order of initial 
> developer-focused product has been *sold out*.  Do you have no idea 
> what that means?
> Certainly, it is encouraging, and nowhere near disaster.  Lucky 
> developers out there right now are getting their code on; just because 
> you aren't (yet) able to do so for physical hardware just means the 
> game is, quite seriously, on.
Let me at least attempt to clarify my position.  I'm as happy as anyone 
that the initial batches did get sold out.  I was calling the customer 
support a disaster, not the openmoko project in general.  Whether it was 
the unexpected demand (good thing for everyone involved) or other 
factors that we were not privy to, THAT is what I am complaining about 
and I feel that I am somewhat justified.
> I think you, personally, Jonathon Suggs, are just simply complaining 
> too much, when there is in fact a grand deal of positive activity 
> occurring on the entire Moko project, which stands to make rather nice 
> headway in the opensource hardware realm; a realm which, frankly, has 
> new rules worth applying enthusiastically.  OpenMoko is a -startup- 
> for this activity; rapid growth pains most certainly can be 
> disastrous, but in this case are worth bearing by all and sundry 
> interested in the future of portable, pocketable, Linux-based 
> communications devices.
I'll accept your opinion that I am complaining too much.  Also, I agree 
100% that there are good things going on with OpenMoko at the moment.  I 
am planning on contributing to the project as well.  Despite my 
complaining, I am very optimistic about the overall direction that 
things are headed.  For the first batch of Neo's to be sold out is a 
testament to this.  But again, people having been on a waiting list for 
three weeks and just now being notified that they are going to be 
delayed for an again undetermined timeframe is not going to make people 

So yes, I am complaining, not so much because it affects me personally, 
but because attention does need to be brought to the subject.  This 
*MUST* be dealt with before there is even the first thought of 
advertising to a wider market.  General consumers will *NOT* tolerate 
this type of customer service.

I'm sure that Sean and Co are well aware of what needs to be put in 
place, but at least some level of attention needs to be brought to even 
the negative aspects of the project.  I probably did sound a little 
snotty and complaining, to which I apologize, but hopefully some good 
can be made of it in the long run.
> So .. If you don't have your OpenMoko yet, well don't kid yourself.  
> You probably came late to the party.  This is no reason to start 
> pissing in the punch.
I've been following the project since around the beginning of the year.  
I'm hoping to have my first prototype ready to release here within a 
week or so, so I'm not trying to piss in the punch.

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