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Aside from a few, the people upset in this thread such as myself ARE NOT

We may not have made this point clear enough, and some people posting have
clouded the issue. But the problem is that we have not been COMMUNICATED to.
At all.

Some of the replies have been extremely condescending. "Ask not what you can
do for your country..." "a tendency to think that every thought they have
has value" etc. Cut it out, this is a community discussion about the
communication problems we're having with the company we've entrusted lots of
our money to.

I wholeheartedly agree that simply complaining that we haven't got a handset
yet or won't for a while is of no use. But the people effectively saying
"stop whining and shut up" are tellingly not in the following situation that
some of us do find ourselves in:

* We ordered a phone weeks ago and have not been charged yet.
* We have received no word whatsoever from OpenMoko that our order has, will
or won't be accepted.
* We worry about keeping the money free in our bank accounts so OpenMoko can
use it at some point (if they do it could come out at any moment).
* We suddenly find out, completely indirectly, that OpenMoko have apparently
sold out of GTA01 phones. No word from the team saying "Sorry, we've sold
out, so we can't get you a phone for a while, or at all" or "We're only not
accepting new orders, so yours will still be shipped soon". Zip.

So will we be charged? Will we get a GTA01 phone? It's a lot of money and
we've been extremely patient.

Let me make this crystal clear: I will NOT be annoyed or upset if I don't
receive a handset for a long time. I'll cooperate and support OpenMoko all
the way.

But keep us informed! This total lack of clear communication is TOTALLY
UNACCEPTABLE, and seems to be getting worse instead of better. I simply
cannot accept that the web shop could not be used to contact us and tell us
what will, or even MIGHT, be going to happen with our order.

Or that Sean cannot spend just 5 mins every few days keeping the community
updated - just on what he knows.


On 06/08/07, Andrew L. Clunis <andrew at> wrote:
> ----- "Alan McSwain" <alan at> wrote:
> > This is --simply unacceptable-- and not enough information for people
> > who have recently ordered.
> >
> > FIC --MUST-- do a better job of communicating with thier
> > developers/customers.  Those folks who have placed orders that will
> > not be getting a device until October --MUST-- be contacted
> > immediately via email and given the option to cancel their orders.
> >
> > I ordered back on July 24th and have not received ANY follow-on status
> > on my order, and I'm sure there are lots of other folks being equally
> > ignored as well.  What are we supposed to think about this news???  Am
> > "I" one of the "oversold"????
> While I can understand the arguments that FIC has been very open given
> the culture of their industry, the truth of the matter is that they
> haven't given us any feedback about our orders.  I placed my order on
> the 13th of July (#3255) and except for the YES_I_DO process I haven't
> heard anything since.  Nor has anyone else near my number, according to
> the P1_Owners wiki page. The question is, am I one of the deferred
> orders?
> If my phone won't arrive until September, I might as well just wait
> until GTA02 a month later.  However, I have no information to base such
> a decision on.
> I'm not really going to blame Sean and Harald.  By all accounts they've
> been fighting an uphill battle on silly logistical crap like this.
> --
> Regards,
> Andrew Clunis
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