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Mon Aug 6 22:03:29 CEST 2007

On 06/08/07, Martin Straub <mokostraub at> wrote:
> Well....

I do agree with your point. But it is not professionalism that I'd like to
see, just a little more communication. It does seem that you've had more
contact from them than some of us.

I have avoided contacting OpenMoko directly because I do not want to add any
strain to their already stretched resources by making them communicate
individually with each worried customer. I expect(ed) any information that
they knew and could tell us would be given to us as a whole.

p.s. I received the following mail I assume was meant for the list:

On 06/08/07, Mathew Davis <someoneinjapan at > wrote:
> I wholeheartedly agree that simply complaining that we haven't got a
> > handset yet or won't for a while is of no use. But the people effectively
> > saying "stop whining and shut up" are tellingly not in the following
> > situation that some of us do find ourselves in:
> >
> > * We ordered a phone weeks ago and have not been charged yet.
> > * We have received no word whatsoever from OpenMoko that our order has,
> > will or won't be accepted.
> > * We worry about keeping the money free in our bank accounts so OpenMoko
> > can use it at some point (if they do it could come out at any moment).
> > * We suddenly find out, completely indirectly, that OpenMoko have
> > apparently sold out of GTA01 phones. No word from the team saying "Sorry,
> > we've sold out, so we can't get you a phone for a while, or at all" or
> > "We're only not accepting new orders, so yours will still be shipped soon".
> > Zip.
> I agree that this is a huge problem that most certainly must be fixed.  I
> am sorry if my comments earlier felt condescedning.  I was trying to direct
> my comments to the people who are not in the above situation but still feel
> the need to complain.
> So will we be charged? Will we get a GTA01 phone? It's a lot of money and
> > we've been extremely patient.
> >
> > Let me make this crystal clear: I will NOT be annoyed or upset if I
> > don't receive a handset for a long time. I'll cooperate and support OpenMoko
> > all the way.
> >
> > But keep us informed! This total lack of clear communication is TOTALLY
> > UNACCEPTABLE, and seems to be getting worse instead of better. I simply
> > cannot accept that the web shop could not be used to contact us and tell us
> > what will, or even MIGHT, be going to happen with our order.
> >
> > Or that Sean cannot spend just 5 mins every few days keeping the
> > community updated - just on what he knows.
> I also thought that Sean would have made a comment by now.  I wonder why
> he has not.  So sorry if I have offended anyone it was not my intent.  I
> just wanted to cut out some of the people who had not ordered phone but
> where complaining about the situation.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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