Neo 1973 is sold out...

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Mon Aug 6 22:36:01 CEST 2007

It is a nice story. It's good to hear they're still in business.

However, at the risk (too late!) of sounding like a broken record, your
reply is condescending and misses the point like some others here.

On 06/08/07, kent at <kent at> wrote:

> After about 3 months the skull finally arrived, and it was indeed *really*
> *cool*.  I still have it, and the company is still in business:
>  (Just noticed that they have a 1/4 size Tyrannosaurus
> rex
> skull that also looks *really* *cool*...)
> Sometimes good things take a while :-)  No need to get excited.

The problem is not how long it takes to get the handset. The problem is
we're not being told what's going on at all. This is a completely legitimate

Money could be taken out of my account at any moment, or it might in a
month, or not at all. It's a really large sum of money for me, and here I am
(along with others) not knowing:
* When or if my card will be charged.
* If by the time I receive it, the GTA02 will be about to come out.

More fundamentally though is not even these particular questions, but that
we're repeatedly being left in the dark and having to scrounge for
information about what is going on.

Martin Straub raised a good point though. I haven't actually contacted
OpenMoko directly about my order. I felt I had good reason not to - I didn't
want to put extra strain on them as I felt sure they'd be receiving lots of
such inquiries and probably couldn't tell us anything - after all, if they
were able to tell us about our order status, they would already have done
that, right?

I've contacted them now through the web shop request tracker.

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