Neo 1973 is sold out..

Franco Austin franco at
Mon Aug 6 23:10:14 CEST 2007

Maybe some of us are just jumping the gun, what if that message is  
meant to say: We will only be shipping units for the orders that we  
receive after today in September..or something like that.
I was puzzled about the way that FIC / Openmoko was shipping the  
orders...then I started to plot them on a map, it appears that FIC /  
Openmoko are trying to cover as many countries as possible, therefore  
maybe someone that ordered from USA might not get a unit as soon as  
someone say from Brazil, because they might have shipped 20 units to  
the USA but none to Brazil, therefore that single guy with a order a  
lot further down the list might receive his phone earlier than that  
guy living in Texas, USA that placed his order for 3 phones a lot  
earlier than the guy in Brazil. I think that it would be vital for  
Openmoko to try to get as many phones in as many different  
geographical locations as possible, that way Openmoko experience  
wider coverage, more varied testing and a lot more exposure to  
different networks.

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