Neo 1973 is sold out..

alan at alan at
Mon Aug 6 23:56:05 CEST 2007

>Maybe some of us are just jumping the gun, what if that message is  
>meant to say: We will only be shipping units for the orders that we  
>receive after today in September..or something like that.

Nope.  Re-read the original post.  I captured that text of the blog and the
webstore.  They specifically use the word "OVERSOLD".

That means you may have ordered weeks ago and still may be outta luck. But
without more information from the store staff, you're in Neo-Limbo.  

The last thing I want is to get charged for the GTA01 in October and then a
month or two later the GTA02 comes out. (Though few think that to be a
realistic scenario at this time.)

I would like FIC to pin-point the oversold cutoff order number and post it
as soon as possible, if that is not too much to ask.

Most of us have been exceptionally patient, supportive and exited about the

Many years ago, I saw an interview with Arthur C. Clarke in which he
mentioned his latest "Clarkism":

"Trying to learn about computers without the hardware is like trying to
learn about sex without the software."

Alan (Still exited, just a bit annoyed.)

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