openmoko irc logs available ?

Jeff Andros jeff at
Tue Aug 7 00:15:52 CEST 2007

On 8/6/07, Hanno 'Rince' Wagner <wagner at> wrote:

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> You have quite often a discussion in irc-channels which have nothing
> to do with the subject of the channel itself - between friends, who
> are just talking since they are there at the same time. But these
> talks also get published - without their knowledge. Usually you only
> "see" the people who are active on that channel.
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> If you're really wanting to talk privately, you can always message the
person directly... you don't need to discuss it in a public channel.  Taking
a discussion private when it's off topic, or creating a temporary channel
would get you around the logging.

The openmoko channel is a TECHNICAL channel, not a place for friends to hang
out and chat about life(if they want to chat about openmoko, that's
different) If that's what you want, go find a SOCIAL channel to hang out in.

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