Possible answer to SOME of the AT&T gsm problems

Benjamin Flanagin bflanagin at cityofbridgeport.net
Tue Aug 7 01:10:07 CEST 2007

I started out with a 73000 O 4021 G3 sim card from cingular witch would
not connect to the at&t network in my area. There are a few people that
have gotten this card to work. Using the list on the wiki I purchased a
known good sim [model number 71234 O 4022]. The phone will now return
the proper information to all at+ commands but is still rejected by the
at&t network. Talking to one of there support personal I was informed
that my area only supports 850mhz gsm. They also informed me that my
phone only supports 900-1900 mhz how that know that Im not sure. 

Is there a way to manually set the gsm modem to 850 mhz? Shouldn't it
auto detect all networks not just 900 and above?
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