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Adam Burch aburchiv at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 05:06:17 CEST 2007

I have been reading the community archives since December 2006 but have not
been able to keep up with it since just before the initial developer release
due to school.  I also realize that there is a lot of work to do before
final release.  I have not previously posted as I've usually found my
question already asked and answered before I was ready to ask it.

Currently I haven't found any mention of this on the wiki and I'm not sure
how to search the archives if that is even possible so please forgive me if
this has already been discussed and/or answered in previous threads just
give me a link to the thread and I'm perfectly willing to read but I fear I
am too far behind with my limited free time to read all archive posts over

What I was wondering was could the Neo be designed for later releases to use
a R-UIM card that is CDMA compatible as well as a GSM SIM card?  There are
already phones that are usable on CDMA and GSM networks sold in the US that
do not use R-UIM cards and from what I've read the R-UIM and SIM cards use
the same slot.

There is a push by US CDMA customers for their networks to allow 3rd party
phones through R-UIM cards.  I have seen multiple cell phone forums that are
monitored by the phone companies that have many users calling for R-UIM
cards in the US.  One of these forums was set up by sprint specifically so
that their customers could post their complaints and concerns.  I myself
have written to the FCC and plan on writing to the state legislature to
force the CDMA giants to open their networks and will continue to do so
until I get results, even though this may take quite some time.

That being said I apologize for the length and if I am repeating a previous
question but now that I have found the phone of my dreams I would dearly
love to be able to use it on the network that provides me with the best
coverage in my area instead of being limited to AT&T/Cingular or no Neo at
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