Neo 1973 is sold out...

Bartlomiej Zdanowski AutoGuard Ltd. b.zdanowski at
Tue Aug 7 08:46:55 CEST 2007

Ian Stirling pisze:
> No, it's not 'sold out since yesterday'.
> It's 'sold out since several weeks ago'.
> They had a certain amount of phones to ship - 500 to 1000, and they 
> knew at least when the next lot of phones could be possibly available.
> They had someone working through a pile of phones, shipping them out.
> It does not take a genius to work out that with 2000+ orders, that 
> they are not going to be able to meet orders.
> This needs to be communicated to potential developers in a timely 
> fashion, not once the guy sticking the labels on realises that he's 
> out of boxes.
I do agree with Ian. My ticket no was over 3500 after 4 days from 
OpenMoko Shop opening. I belive that it has a least doubled. So as soon 
they received over 1000 extra orders they should run next batch at 
Factory. But we can assume that they didn't.
I agree that OpenMoko is very important project and we all have to be 
patient but there are some basic market rules that have to be obeyed. 
Some of people who are not patient enough will just spend their money on 
iPhone or other concurrent product and will leave OpenMoko. Still 
besides OpenMoko's euphoria there's a great commercial deal for FIC 
which is still *the only one* OpenMoko's platform manufacturer. And FIC 
should have more respect to people who are involved in OpenMoko and 
still interrested in buying their phone.
Other aspect is that the more NEO's will spread throught the world the 
faster OpenMoko will be developed.

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