Neo 1973 is sold out...

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Tue Aug 7 09:18:09 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I contacted OpenMoko web shop about my order and quickly got a response
saying that they would process my order within the week.

Then just now I received my "you've been charged" email, which is great!

So if anyone else is still worrying about the status of their order, I
strongly suggest you email the web shop and they will put your fears to


On 07/08/07, Bartlomiej Zdanowski AutoGuard Ltd. <b.zdanowski at>
>  Ian Stirling pisze:
> No, it's not 'sold out since yesterday'.
> It's 'sold out since several weeks ago'.
> They had a certain amount of phones to ship - 500 to 1000, and they knew
> at least when the next lot of phones could be possibly available.
> They had someone working through a pile of phones, shipping them out.
> It does not take a genius to work out that with 2000+ orders, that they
> are not going to be able to meet orders.
> This needs to be communicated to potential developers in a timely fashion,
> not once the guy sticking the labels on realises that he's out of boxes.
> I do agree with Ian. My ticket no was over 3500 after 4 days from OpenMoko
> Shop opening. I belive that it has a least doubled. So as soon they received
> over 1000 extra orders they should run next batch at Factory. But we can
> assume that they didn't.
> I agree that OpenMoko is very important project and we all have to be
> patient but there are some basic market rules that have to be obeyed. Some
> of people who are not patient enough will just spend their money on iPhone
> or other concurrent product and will leave OpenMoko. Still besides
> OpenMoko's euphoria there's a great commercial deal for FIC which is still
> *the only one* OpenMoko's platform manufacturer. And FIC should have more
> respect to people who are involved in OpenMoko and still interrested in
> buying their phone.
> Other aspect is that the more NEO's will spread throught the world the
> faster OpenMoko will be developed.
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