package uboot-gta 01-1.2.0+svn: failed

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I am running into the same problem on Ubuntu 7.04 and running sudo
update-alternatives --config git yields: No alternatives for git.

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Dnia wtorek, 7 sierpnia 2007, chetan nanda napisał:
> Hi All,
> I am new to this community and i am trying to install openmoko on my
> ubuntu  7.04. I got this Error msg.

> NOTE: Retrieved remote revisions: ['0', '0', '2388', '0']
> git, the filemanager with GNU Interactive Tools, is now called gitfm.
> If you are looking for git, Linus Torvald's content tracker, install
> the cogito and git-core packages and see README.Debian and git(7).
> This transition script will be removed in the debian stable
> release after etch.
> If you wish to complete the transition early, install git-core
> and use (as root):
>  update-alternatives --config git

> I have upgrade my git. and the again trying to make the openmoko image.
> But again i got the same result
> Can any one guide me to solve the problem ?

1. sudo update-alternatives --config git
2. blame Linus Torvalds for choosing name of already existing project

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