VMWare-Image (again)

Simon simon.xhz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 20:41:10 CEST 2007

> If someone will host the 2gb+ file, I can provide an Ubuntu VMWare image
> that I made several months ago.  A few people have downloaded it, and I am
> not sure how well it works for actual development.  I was able to compile
> everything using MokoMakefile and run the qemu image it produced.

Wow, just got an idea...

I'm a user of Slax (cd bootable version of slackware) and slax is
based on modules.  Basically, you want anything, you need a module.
But, you can also install anything in a folder (--prefix=/a/folder/),
compile and make a module out of it.  In some cases, I've had to
chroot that folder to mimic /usr/local and that fixed the worst cases.

I'm sure I could come up with a qEmu module (or vmware module too) for
Slax, and the module would just be the size of it's components (+lzm
compression) and slax itself is about 200Mb hosted at the official

I know saving Gigabytes of transfer doesn't save trees, but it saves
longer internet bills which does! ;)


PS: I'm a total n00b to qEmu so if I do anything, don't expect anything soon. =)
PPS: the slax modules can also be decompressed to root (/) and will be
just like after a "make install", which is a great advantage for
portability to other distros...

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