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Jeff Andros jeff at bigredtj.com
Tue Aug 14 04:45:34 CEST 2007

On 8/10/07, t3st3r <t3st3r at mail.ru> wrote:
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> I see no effective way to combine these 2 different goals.One is
> prevents access to data but this will enforce bad guys to do full
> reflashing.Killing your (unusable) data but getting working (usable)
> phone.Another approach makes guys to believe phone is not defends itself
> and not secured.While it really silently tracks evildoers.
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simple... display contact info(email, friend's phone number, etc) to return
the phone at the login screen... I think my old(~2000 ish) WM PDA had an
option to do that... people can't get into the phone itself, but they can
figure out how to get ahold of you

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