mailing list management

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Tue Aug 14 19:11:40 CEST 2007

hank williams wrote:
>     I think that this is not useful at all.
> Actually it would be quite useful.
> Without such a header I am unable to *visually* distinguish between this 
> and other mailing lists or mail. Filters are useful for organizing, but 
> I personally prefer to see my whole inbox and to view and scan all 
> inbound content. Not having such a header is the equivalent of not 
> having a "from" column in my mailing lists.
> Most mailing lists do this properly.

Munging the subject line is a bad idea.

> Of course the other thing I always complain about is that this is the 
> only mailing list I am on (out of >10) for which (at least in gmail) 
> replies to a thread go to the individual and not the list unless I say 
> "reply to all" - which I often forget because this list is the oddball. 
> There have been discussions about this before where others have said it 
> shouldnt work the way I suggest or that gmail is broken, but the bottom 
> line is that of all the mailing lists I am on, gmail (for me) gets it 
> right on everything but this one.

Munging the reply-to is a bad idea.


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