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Daniel Mewes danielmewes at
Tue Aug 14 22:25:52 CEST 2007

Well this is probably the wrong place for a whole-community poll about
this topic, but let me say that if the majority here really wants
subject tagging, than please put the tag at the end of the subject! I
use pager notification for my e-mails and text paging in Germany has a
very limited message length. Filling half of it with some non
informative tag would make the whole thing impractical. Also putting a
tag on the beginning of the subject makes reading through a list (like
in my mail client) of a high number of messages very very inefficient,
since the important information isn't where my brain expects it to be
(at the beginning!). 
I personally cannot see any benefit from tagging the subject, but that's
probably up to everyone's own preferences in their way of mail handling.

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