Fwd: mailing list management

Christian Tschabuschnig openmoko at tschabuschnig.com
Tue Aug 14 23:35:50 CEST 2007

Jim McDonald wrote:
> Just so that the 'silent majority' don't lose out on this one, I would
> like to point out that there are approximately 1,500 people subscribed
> to this list.  Can we assume that unless we hear from them their vote is
> 'no change'?  There are pros and cons to each system, but anyone who has
> already set up their own filters will have done so on the existing
> system so I suggest we leave it as it is.

I am a member of the 'silent majority' - this is my first post - and,
yes, please leave it as it is.

Having "[OpenMoko-Community]" in front of every subject-line gives me no
additional information, since my mail get's sorted into the respective
folder automatically, but makes the list less readable.

Changing the reply-to is unacceptable. It has always been that simple:
if I press "Reply" I'm writing to the author of the e-mail, if I press
"Reply All" everybody who got the original mail (except BCCs of course)
get's my response. Why should that be different just because the e-mail
got delivered by a mailing-list?

And I don't think that a MTA should be allowed to change any header, if
there isn't a technical necessity.

But what I'm wondering most about this topic is: it was discussed
several times on half of the mailing-lists I'm subscribed to, but the
problem was never solved. But I think that should be easy. Just make it
user-configurable. Is it so hard to write that piece of code and
convince the mailman-developers to include into the distribution? If
that would happen, I would never ever see this discussion again. That
would be a relief.


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