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Allan Savolainen raynet at
Wed Aug 15 01:11:13 CEST 2007

On 15.8.2007, at 0.35, Christian Tschabuschnig wrote:
> I am a member of the 'silent majority' - this is my first post - and,
> yes, please leave it as it is.

And another 'pls don't change it'. One would think that in this day  
and age all mail clients are able to filter, tag, color and/or  
categorize emails so that everybody should be able to view their  
emails as they please, and if your current email program doesn't  
support these things, write a feature request to the developers, they  
will be happy to add new cool features (like show text '[OpenMoko- 
Community]' in subject lines where any recipient is  
community at or something like that) to their apps.

> But what I'm wondering most about this topic is: it was discussed
> several times on half of the mailing-lists I'm subscribed to, but the
> problem was never solved. But I think that should be easy. Just  
> make it
> user-configurable. Is it so hard to write that piece of code and
> convince the mailman-developers to include into the distribution? If
> that would happen, I would never ever see this discussion again. That
> would be a relief.

Good idea, just need to make sure that when user X sends email with  
subject '[OpenMoko-Community] should be [OM-C]' mailman might have  
trouble delivering the correct subject line to everybody, depending  
on sender and reciever the subject lines might have [OpenMoko- 
Community] twice, or not at all.

Best feature would be a Eliza bot in mailman that automagically goes  
through this discussion without bothering the subscribers to the list :)

- Allan

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