Fwd: mailing list management

Mike Hodson mystica at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 05:25:04 CEST 2007

Look I'll vote for not changing the subject line; headers are
wonderful for sorting.

However, when I wish to reply -to the list-, I get a choice of either
-to the sender- or -to the list, sender AND anyone else the bloody
sender sent it to- instead of simply replying -to the list-.

While the wonderful doc that everyone links to regarding why -not- to
munge the reply-to header, they fail to consider the normal way things
work: people discuss list stuff on the bloody list, not off the list,
not to the author only(reply sender), and not to everyone else the
author thought to send a message to (reply-to-all functionality).
Based on this, a -list- is different than a normal message; the -list-
is a discussion group and responses should be filtered into that

For the argument that the person replying will lose the proper path
back to the sender, or mistake sending a personal message to a list,
simply read "from" and manually type that into the "to" field.  If a
person is not using a valid "From" address, yet IS using a valid
Reply-to, then this person is rather strange.

Until my mail client gives me a "reply to list ONLY" command, I vote
for changing reply-to to BE THE LIST.   To the person who said "Learn
to use gmail" well thats nice, when the only way I can -reply to the
list- is to manually delete whatever the hell it decides to shove into
the reply headers, and manually type in community at lists.openmoko.org.

Why not reply to all? Because im rather sure I don't want to reply to
the author twice (as he apparently is on the list) and I don't want to
reply to anyone else the author sent the mail to.  There appears to be
no other way to use this client than simply 1 or all, not simply

My $0.02


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