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Kalle Kärkkäinen kalle.karkkainen at intstream.fi
Wed Aug 15 11:18:39 CEST 2007


This is getting out of control. I thought more people would have already 
been through enough of these discussions so they'd know the facts and 
good choices.

I know, it's a bitch that your favourite email client does not support 
all the good things in life (like reply to list). But there are some 
that do (they might be worse on other venues thou).

hank williams wrote:
>     Do the people suggesting these changes
>     think that they really know better about how this list should be set
>     up? 
> Yup.

Check this out:

It is a statement by Lars Wirzenius, he is keeping a mailing list and 
gets comments about reply-to's and such a lot. It's a good article going 
through the things related to this issue, and most of all: it avoids the 
heat of flames. Very solid read.

'nuff said.

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