which build system works for you?

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at dungeon.inka.de
Wed Aug 15 22:49:22 CEST 2007


I'd like to use the same mechanism the core developers use
for building openmoko images, so I can help with testing,
and start writing my own apps using the latest code and style
as the rest of openmoko.

The problem is the wiki contains many different ways to build
openmoko and they are either old and working or new and not working,
or most likely: I did something wrong or missed some detail.

my latest try (on ubuntu feisty/7.04 x86_64) is using the OM2007.1
second method with nslu2-linux MasterMakefile and it seems to work
fine in general, except that it fails once it tries to build the 2.6.9
kernel (guess some configuration is wrong if it tries to compile such
an old kernel).

so I wonder: which build systems works out for you?

Regards, Andreas
p.s. mid term it might be nice to have one common way to build openmoko
and friends, so it is easier for all of us to work together and help
each other. many options are nice but a support burdon and chaos as well.

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