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t3st3r t3st3r at
Thu Aug 16 01:37:13 CEST 2007

hank williams wrote:
>     I think that this is not useful at all.
> Actually it would be quite useful.
I'm do not thinking so.It will waste valuable space in Subject column of 
message list with STUPID and REDUNDANT tags which carry no useful info 
at all and just wasting space in Subject column of messages list, 
leaving less space for really useful subject lines.This will not make 
things better I guess.
> Without such a header I am unable to *visually* distinguish between this
Why do you need to do this, at all? You can just set up rules to move 
messages on arrival into separate folders (based on Sender field content 
for example).Quite easy rules and this works perfectly.So I'm for 
example have this mailing list in one separate folder.And another lists 
in another folders.Simple and works, offloading my brain to more 
interesting tasks than "visual distinguishing" of mail messages from 
mailing lists.I'm using Thunderbird but I guess almost any full-featured 
e-mail program can do this for you, freeing your brain for more 
interesting things than sorting e-mail by your own eyes.Crafting such 
simple rules takes some 5 minutes and then reduces load on brain greatly 
so you do not need to spend yor time on visual distinguishing at 
all.Let's machine to work and humans to think.It is a bad idea to 
execute machine work (like sorting dozens of messages by criteria) if 
you're human.

> and other mailing lists or mail. Filters are useful for organizing, 
> but I personally prefer to see my whole inbox and to view and scan all 
> inbound content.
Imho mail list is rather resembles newsgroups than e-mail so it is 
strange to have all things in common place - this will render your inbox 
into huge "Junk e-mail" folder :).Of course nobody can forbid you to do 
machine work like sorting mail by criteria on your own but I guess there 
is lots of more interesting things to do :).And well, yes, I did located 
all mail lists related folders as subfolders of Inbox folder.So, I can 
still scan through all incoming mail if I really need this.Let's admit 
that automatic move of mail lists to other folders makes a lots easier 
to find and handle "usual" (user-to-user) messages.Otherwise it rather 
looks like dealing with huge "Junk email" folder :D

> Of course the other thing I always complain about is that this is the 
> only mailing list I am on (out of >10) for which (at least in gmail) 
> replies to a thread go to the individual and not the list unless I say 
> "reply to all"
Let's agree here, this is a bit annoying thing.I did not seen other 
lists with such strange behavior.Imho if I'm clicking Reply, default 
action should be reply to list and not to a specific user.And even if 
you'll "Reply to all" this causes To to contain author of message and CC 
to contain list.What is the clue to bother author with "personal" 
(user-to-user) message?If author needs reply, (s)he is reading mailing 
list as well, isn't it?

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