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Nick Johnson arachnid at
Thu Aug 16 02:21:26 CEST 2007

On 8/16/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at> wrote:
> On 16 Aug 2007, at 00:07, Nick Johnson wrote:
> > The list server is clearly the issue here, failing to accept messages
> > in a timely fashion.
> It's only affecting GMail messages.

I believe people with providers other than gmail (and not just those
using google apps, like myself) have also reported issues. GMail is
just less patient than most - it's still only an issue because the
list server is taking a long time to respond. How long _should_ a mail
server wait for a reply? Forever?

Saying that it must be GMail's fault because it mainly affects GMail
messages is akin to blaming a user when a vending machine swallows
their change - it didn't swallow anyone else's, so it must be their
fault, right?

> Plus that RFC you quoted says recommended 30 minute retry but GMail
> is retrying every 8 minutes.

Okay, in that respect Google is bucking the reccommendations - it
should try less frequently. It _shouldn't_ give up after a message or
two, though.

-Nick Johnson

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