Neo Sound and USB Questions

danimanns at danimanns at
Thu Aug 16 19:19:13 CEST 2007

Hi List!

I've got a few questions as I'm a little bit confused about some issues.
(Also have no Neo to test it myself)

First of all, what about the "soundcard" the Neo provides. Is it a good one
or some kind of cheap hardware, designed for phone-call-quality sound 
(And is it sterio or not)

I guess the "AUX-Port" on the Neo is a 3,5mm (or maybe 2,5mm) TRS Connector
(german: Klinkenstecker) used often for Headsets (4 connectors instead 
of 3 as usual).
If so, is it still usable for an external amplifier?

Let's assume the soundcard is no good. So it should be possible to use a 
external USB
Soundcard with crazy-high-definition-whatever-output, to make the Neo 
giving me
crystal clear sounds, right? (I think you need that external powered USB 
hub then...)

Is it possible to use the external soundcard and charge the Neo the same 
time? Or
use an external USB harddisk, the soundcard and still charge the Neo?

Well, for what do I need all that information? I want to use the Neo as 
sound system in
my car, and therefor need all this stuff ;)

Thanks for any suggestion!


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