Changes between GTA1 and GTA2?

danimanns at danimanns at
Thu Aug 16 19:39:36 CEST 2007

Am I the only one who's getting this annoying duplicates of e-mails?
If so, sorry for the off-topic. Otherwise, can someone fix this?


Peter A Trotter wrote:
> It is standard for telephone systems to only provide mono sound for 
> calls.
> I believe the reference here to stereo and mono is in regard to the 
> playing media via the built in speakers etc. I think the second 
> internal speaker was sacrificed to make room for other goodies or was 
> considered un necessary given how close the speakers are together.
> Stereo will still be available with headphones and other headsets 
> where supported by the headset.
> -Pete

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