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hank williams hank777 at
Wed Aug 15 21:56:03 CEST 2007

> ... why should all mailing lists change their "standard?" behaviour only
> cause some minority? (poll?) of email clients dont support these
> functions ?

I will no longer discuss the merits of this issue, but I feel obliged to
address two factually inaccurate statements.

1. Gmail is not a minority mail client. It may be closer to a majority
2. Most mail lists and mail list system do "reply to list" when hitting
reply, not individuals. Specifically Yahoo Groups by far the largest such
system on the net, but also super techie groups like's lists work
this way. I am on the apache hadoop, lucene, and the axis list and I suspect
all the apache lists work this way though I honestly haven't had time to try
every single one. In any case clearly just based on yahoo and apache, you
cannot say that "reply to individual" as a default is "standard". I am on a
wide range of lists that include social ( Adobe flash/flex/video
server development, web services, 3D technologies, linux tools related, etc.
This is the *only* list which I am on which replies to individuals.

What I do see is that the *hardcore* linux geeks (no offense intended)
prefer this. Perhaps it is a badge of honor. But it is, just to be clear,
not "standard" except perhaps in the most techie "linux-internals-focused"

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