Neo Sound and USB Questions

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Thu Aug 16 20:12:37 CEST 2007

El jue, 16-08-2007 a las 19:19 +0200, danimanns at escribió:
> First of all, what about the "soundcard" the Neo provides. Is it a good one
> or some kind of cheap hardware, designed for phone-call-quality sound 
> output?

The chipset is a WM8753 from Wolfson Microelectronics. Acording with
their website:

"The WM8753L is a low power, high quality stereo Codec with integrated
PCM CODEC designed for portable digital telephony applications such as
mobile phone, or headset with Hi-Fi playback capability."

More info:

> (And is it sterio or not)

Yes, it is stereo.

> I guess the "AUX-Port" on the Neo is a 3,5mm (or maybe 2,5mm) TRS Connector
> (german: Klinkenstecker) used often for Headsets (4 connectors instead 
> of 3 as usual).
> If so, is it still usable for an external amplifier?

It is 2,5mm. And yes, I think that there is no problem to use an
external amplifier.

> Let's assume the soundcard is no good. So it should be possible to use a 
> external USB
> Soundcard with crazy-high-definition-whatever-output, to make the Neo 
> giving me
> crystal clear sounds, right? 


> Is it possible to use the external soundcard and charge the Neo the same 
> time? Or
> use an external USB harddisk, the soundcard and still charge the Neo?

Sorry, I don't know if this is possible. But I think that it is.

> Well, for what do I need all that information? I want to use the Neo as 
> sound system in
> my car, and therefor need all this stuff ;)

Hey! If you someday make this sound system for your car, please share
with us some docs/photos/anything  ;)

Santiago Crespo
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