Neo Sound and USB Questions

danimanns at danimanns at
Thu Aug 16 23:22:20 CEST 2007

These are really good news, you put me in good humor! :)
(Thank you too, Ian)

Last important thing is the charging over USB while the external hard 
disk is connected.
Hope someone of the device owners could test this ;)

Ahh, and what about that USB port? I remember a thread but I'm not sure:
Does the Neo have a USB 1.1 Port?
All I found on the wiki was ->
Do we have an upgradeable USB 1.1 port? Or what does it mean?

> Hey! If you someday make this sound system for your car, please share
> with us some docs/photos/anything  ;)

Be sure, mate, you'll get that docs/pictures/anything when it's done. 
(Probably the first thing I'll do with GTA2)
And you'll be the first to get the link to the source code, for my 
application to get some engine data,
like oil temperature, oil pressure, and everything my board electricity 
gives me to put on that screen :)

Have to stop dreaming now, these ideas drive me crazy... (Think of 
getting rid of all buttons you ever used in your car)


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