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Jay Vaughan seclorum at
Wed Aug 15 20:41:01 CEST 2007

i hate this idea of adding tags to the subject: line.  there is  
nothing wrong with checking 'any header' for  
"community at" and if its found, put it in its own  
folder.  If you can search for a "[subjectag]", you can search for an  
email address: thus, [subjecttag] is redundant, unnecessary, and  
clutters the subject information, which ought to be better used as it  
is ..


On Aug 14, 2007, at 8:48 PM, Casey Harkins wrote:

> Dean Collins wrote:
>> I do run filtering in Outlook - but I run it on subject - less  
>> processor intensive.
> How is filtering on subject less processor intensive than using  
> mailing list headers?
>> And thanks Casey - I also subscribe to about 5 or 6 other lists  
>> and they all have subject prefixes as well (and much larger more  
>> frequent lists than openmoko)
> I also subscribe to a large number of other lists and only 2 of the  
> 20 or so have subject prefixes (one of them is the openmoko  
> announce list).
>> It's a little thing but it's silly not to get this fixed sooner  
>> rather than later - especially as in the very near time frame I  
>> imagine that FIC will need to have a number of different lists  
>> (newbies, experts, apps, developers, commercial) etc
> I disagree that there is anything to be "fixed". Munging the  
> subject line or reply to fields would be breaking things rather  
> than fixing them. There are a number of ways to distinguish mailing  
> list messages from each other without munging the subject line.
> I don't want to start a holy war on this as I've seen many in the  
> past. However, I've yet to see a convincing argument that justifies  
> the use of subject munging and numerous convincing arguments that  
> it is a bad thing a prone to breaking. If it is the will of the  
> community, I'll deal with it.
> -casey
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