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Jurian Sluiman list at
Fri Aug 17 12:39:14 CEST 2007

I was wondering when the GTA-2 Neo comes out. Before GTA-1 everyone said
it would be October, but after a while it became September. Some wiki
pages are still saying September, others October. Is openMoko in
September ready for an early mass market release?

I'm reading a lot of positive reactions on the mailinglist, but actually
nothing about the release schedule. I know there are in The Netherlands
quite some people anxious to have one (but only the non-developer type,
the GTA-2). Is there some information about the status of the software?
Is one month enough for you, developers, to make openMoko ready for the
mass market?

I hope there will be some more information available. I haven't seen
anything on the announce mailinglists and the wiki does not contain a
roadmap. I can understand there will be reactions like "it's ready when
it's ready", but many people like to know a global roadmap of what they
can expect.

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