Neo Sound and USB Questions

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Fri Aug 17 16:42:04 CEST 2007

danimanns at wrote:

> Are there plans to provide a car adapter for the Neo?

This is a general problem. Where are USB-Power Adator out there. Also 
for cars.
But most of them just power the 5V line. This is bad with 99% of the bad 
behaving usb gadgets out there.
But Neo is prolite and asks the host if it could draw it's 500mA and if 
not only takes 100mA out of the bus.
This is how the usb specs tell you to do it.
But most devices (like usb microovens and the like) just draw power as 
there would be no tomorrow and don't care how much the host can privice. 
If your usb-powersupply burns out - bummer. :)

So the solutions are:
A smart usb power supply. (Never seen any. But should not be so bard to 
A button that puts your Neo in the same "i don't care about specs or 
your usb interface asshole" mode other deivces use and just draws it's 
power. (No idea if that would even work. But i think it might)

Has anyone ever seen a smart usb power supply? Maybe the ipod psu? (I 
could check this some time)

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