Neo Sound and USB Questions

Clarke Wixon cwixon at
Sat Aug 18 00:58:59 CEST 2007

danimanns at wrote:
> Am I right that I would need to solder some more things to make this
> whole construction work? I mean, I have to spend these 5V to the Neo for 
> charging,
> and still need the other pins for transferring data from the USB drive 
> to the Neo.
> So I would have to split the cable, right?

I recently bought an APC UPB10 portable USB battery -- see

When the Neo gets its kernel support for USB host mode, I'm going to try 
to wire it up as an auxiliary power source for USB peripherals like 
thumb drives.

Look at this picture:

As you will see, it has a female mini-B socket from which it charges 
itself, and a female full-size A socket to which it supplies power.

Right now I haven't figured out how it's internally wired -- whether the 
data lines on those two sockets go anywhere.  I'd like to wire them 
together (as a sort of USB-thru adapter), and also build a mini-B to 
mini-B cable with the power lines disconnected.

With this setup, in theory, I could put the Neo in host mode, hook the 
custom cable up to the Neo and the battery brick, and plug a thumb drive 
directly into the power brick.  The thumb drive would get power from the 
brick and at the same time the data lines would go through to the Neo.

I don't know whether this will function as I hope, but I'm going to give 
it a shot.  I'll put something on the wiki (and post again here) if it 
works out.

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