List mail not being delivered

Mike Hodson mystica at
Tue Aug 21 02:10:36 CEST 2007

On 7/11/07, Marco Barreno <barreno at> wrote:
> I haven't received any email from these mailing lists since around
> 10:00 CEST on July 10.  The web archives, however, show several
> messages since that time.  Could there be a problem with the list
> server?  I checked my list subscriptions, which seem to all be correct
> (mail enabled, digest off, etc.).  I also tried signing up two other
> email accounts I have at a different domains, to see if it was a
> problem with my ISP, but the subscription confirmation emails never
> arrived.
> Is anyone getting list mail delivered?  Is there a known problem with
> the list server?  (Please send replies directly to me in addition to
> the mailing lists, for obvious reasons!)
> Thanks,
> Marco

Heres what i'm seeing:  Gmail says I have "new" mail as of 4:35pm MDT
today, August 20.  This was your message.  Even though on your message
it appears you sent it back in JULY.  What the?!

Along the same lines, I have been, as far as my last post a few days
ago (and to my knowledge), getting email and replies in what I thought
was a timely fashion..Perhaps not.. Id have to go back and check.  Any
other gmail users seing this?

Im rather curious to know what is going on here! :)


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