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While I agree with your argument that no header is the standard for FOSS,
this is not the case for the reply to issue, which you did not address. As I
said earlier, the Apache groups (perhaps the largest FOSS umbrella) for
example, and many (most?) others do not have the default reply-to going to
the individual. Part of the reason for this is that it is bad user interface
for the default behavior to be one that is used perhaps 1% of the time. Most
people generally want to reply to group. Your default should be the most
commonly accessed option which is why your design decision on this matter is
not only not standard, but is, I believe, the minority design, even in the
FOSS community.


On 8/19/07, Harald Welte <laforge at> wrote:
> Hi!
> For the various reasons cited in the many mails on this subject,
> there is a general concensus in the FOSS community and among maybe the
> hacking community in general _not_ to add subject prefixes.
> Filtering can be done on List-ID header (or with other commonly-used
> list software on Mailing-List or even the Sender-header)
> The vast majority of all FOSS-related mailing lists that I've ever seen
> follow this policy.
> We see no reason why we should deviate from that.
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