How about a slim Openmoko design?

Ryan Prior piratehead at
Tue Aug 21 22:41:34 CEST 2007

The Neo1973, as a hacker/developer phone as well as a consumer phone, was
designed to be spacious enough that the hardware inside was not inaccessable
to tinkerers. A super-slim phone is hard to thinker on, which explains the
decision to make the Neo relatively stocky. FIC/OpenMoko have stated that
they intend to create more devices which will run the OpenMoko software
stack. I do not doubt that one of those future devices may be a slim
"fashion phone" like the Razr.

On 8/18/07, Dev Anand <anand.dev0 at> wrote:
> Moto Razr was slim and even slimmer on features but caught on because
> of the design. If one could have the openness of openmoko and make it
> a slim elegant design it will be a killer. What say?
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