How about a slim Openmoko design?

Dev Anand anand.dev0 at
Wed Aug 22 16:15:52 CEST 2007

Open Source = Choice, Freedom, Alive
Slim Design = " EDCability" ( and currently lack of features)

Open Source + Slim Design = Choice, Freedom, Alive and EDC

The problem with my current phone's software is that I am stuck with
what I bought. I cannot use applications other than what was shipped
with it. Even if I like an application I know sooner or later I may
have to give it up, as, there have been hardly any updates in over an
year. The development on its applications is dead. Even when I love
hacking and am not faint hearted in trying out broken stuff and making
it work.

The thing about open source -  it does not die like this - just adapts
and evolves. So, I will always have some version of what I like. this
is apart from the choice in apps. and freedom. And this keeps on
growing and growing.

The thing about a slim small phone is that it never gets left behind
on that unfortunate day when you may need it the most. Almost becomes
an inseparable part of your attire. Even on that hot sunny outdoor

Am saving and looking forward to the Phase 2 release of Openmoko and
Its great to hear that there may be other cool designs later in the
road map. Thanks guys.

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