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Wed Aug 22 17:51:41 CEST 2007

Amy Stephen <amystephen at> wrote :

> But, IMO, the color scheme is wrong! I know lots of amazing technical hurdles are being cleared and political ones, as well. But, that color scheme is going to hold this thing back. It should be snazzy and bright and colorful and full of ENERGY! Not orange and black like Halloween. The added gray does not help, either! 

Orange and black will get the spooky kids interested in buying one though :) 

But if it's all being done in a skinnable way it will be possible to change the colour scheme and appearance.

The orangeness does remind me of old CRT monitors. I'd much sooner see some blue, it's easier on the eye (and that's a scientific fact, eyes are less sensitive to blue).

G O Jones

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