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Have to kind of agree with Amy about the colour scheme. I am not much of an
art person, but I am pondering a theme that rhymes with Ubuntu's Human
theme, with a more natural, (human) look to the applications. I am one of
what seems a few who has always liked the idea behind that theme :b
What I have pondered out (in way too many different mediums) is a bit
lighter than that Human theme, but I think it is helpful to have
applications behave more like people than just machines. I am not talking
about avatars that are pictures of smiling people! For example, people make
suggestions and know what they are doing, while machines just do things,
assuming the user knows everything. For a friendly interface, I think the
human behaviour can be really beneficial and unique, as opposed to the
appliance behaviour of most systems. The theme is the first place to start!

The other thing I consider a bit problematic with the black and orange is
that it is difficult (nay, impossible!) to get a more extreme colour for
particularly important buttons and messages. For example, with a lighter
background, Red would be a lot prominent.

-Dylan McCall

On 8/22/07, Amy Stephen <amystephen at> wrote:
> Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. I include one, and a link, on
> I watch this project very closely. It has great potential to keep choice
> available to people - even just for selecting a services provider.
> But, IMO, the color scheme is wrong! I know lots of amazing technical
> hurdles are being cleared and political ones, as well. But, that color
> scheme is going to hold this thing back. It should be snazzy and bright and
> colorful and full of ENERGY! Not orange and black like Halloween. The added
> gray does not help, either!
> All the best to you all as you work together on this extremely important
> effort!
> Amy :)
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