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  Absolutely true! It should be skinnable. But, before that happens - these images are what are hitting the press. Would certainly love to see OpenMoko present a very sharp, bright image as others are observing, wondering if an open source community can really go toe-to-toe with the iPhone. I recognize in relative terms of importance, this is *not* critical. 

I have to agree with amy. Interface is not that jazzy yet. It looks really old-school. I've yet to hold moko in my hands so I can not comment on how it feels, but it does look a bit old in the videos.

It's sort of funny the way it seems to go: first you are really exited about something (like I was about the first ui's), and then it starts to look old. Even before I get it in my hands.

I guess that this is due to the fact that the implementation has not been up to speed with the photoshop drafts. And now that they are getting closer to the point when ui would be important, there is a release of images that do not contain that much of anything new.

BTW: its hard to be exited about kinetic scrolling when others have already done it so well. It's a 'cool' feature, must-have, in order not to pale in comparison.

I guess that there should be something extra on the ui. It's pretty plain as it is. Maybe there could be animations or some other stuff that'd make the phone come to life? Maybe for the menus and toolbars or something like in compiz?

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