How about a slim Openmoko design?

ian douglas id at
Wed Aug 22 21:04:28 CEST 2007

Shawn Rutledge wrote:
> A lot of people say they want a "plain old telephone" without so many
> features, but it doesn't seem very interesting to me, and I'm not sure
> if they really want that either

I've used various cell phones since 1996 and now seeing that it's nearly 
impossible to buy a phone *without* a camera, mp3 player, push-to-talk, 
etc.. A little over a year ago, when it was time to replace a dead 
Samsung phone, I was BEGGING for just a simple clamshell style phone 
that was JUST a cell phone. I didn't need a smartphone at the time, I 
didn't want another lousy 1MP camera, and I'd already invested in a nice 
non-iPod MP3 player, so all I needed was just a cell phone. I truly 
believe there's still a market for that.

As far as my own attitude changing: I was given a Treo 700w from work 
this spring, which was my first real experience with a smartphone (with 
an actual browser, bluetooth, etc.). And now that I've quit that job to 
work from home, I've had to give it back, and seriously miss having a 
browser. So I've decided that when the Neo1973 comes out for mass 
consumption, I'm all over it, because I don't really need a camera or 
mp3 player built into a phone. The GPS module is likely going to be 
quite overused in my case. And yes, I'll likely overuse the "contacts" 
portion as well, as being able to sync my address books and calendar 
have become quite important to me.

Just my $0.02.


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