Colour Discussions...

Franco Austin franco at
Wed Aug 22 21:14:46 CEST 2007

Personally.. I prefer the Orange & Black:
The orange is a warm autumn colour and the black delivers the  
appropriate contrast.

We see too much Blue in Microsoft
Too Much Silver in Apple
Plenty Green in old Unix terminals

Therefore these colours mentioned above feel all "machinist" and not  
a bit of warmth in them

I think a theming engine would be a nice to have, however at this  
point I will live with monochrome if I can make a call, receive a  
call, send a sms, receive a sms and store some contacts without  
having to restart one or more daemons.

Someone mentioned earlier that the basics need to be covered, I agree  
100%, I get daily enquiries about how the gps is working etc, to be  
honest, I have not even tried to play a mp3 or ogg file, cause  
getting the PHONE to work is the most important to me...

O back to testing...testing build 19082007



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